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A Common Cultural Focus


All major world cultures have only one cultural calendar that serves as an instrument of social control and discipline. Africa also has its own Cultural calendar. African Calendar Book Series is the first authentic African Calendar commercially available globally which we hope will bring people of African ancestry together under one common cultural focus.


“Education is a course of induction and cultural promotion; an instigation by which one is forged to fit squarely into the society he or she belong, as a responsible citizen”. ----Ogbaja, Ahanyi Kama Onu Kama Onyioha

“African unity will come to be when each community, clan or ethnic group gives up a part of its culture for the good of the whole. That is what unity is, what real Pan-Africa is” ----Itchie W.E.B Du Boise

African Calendar


African Calendar Book Series is an illustration of African Igbo dating system prior to the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar to Africa.


Experience The Excitement​

Learn about Africa's prowess in Leadership, Science, Art Culture, Religion, Great Empires, and Civilizations.


Great Educational Tool

African Calendar Book Series is a great learning tool for your classroom, or home. Discover Africa's rich history, culture, and contribution to world civilizations since the dawn of discovery.


Every day is Black History Month for all people of African ancestry. Let’s teach our children that Africa has always been capable of original thinking.













Oby Onyioha on This Day Live - Simon Pusey interviews Nigerian musician and anthropologist, Oby Onyioha, about the new African Calendar Book Series. It spotlights the continent’s prowess in Leadership, Science, Culture, Art, Religion, Great Empires, and Civilizations.

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