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African Igbo Lunar Calendar is authentic African Cultural Calendar that was used by African Igbo tribe to track the Lunar Calendar year prior to the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar to Africa. It is an agricultural calendar based on the yearly cultivation of the African white and yellow yams, and cumulated in the yearly harvesting of the Yam which signified the celebration the New Year Harvest Festival, and beginning of the Luna Calendar Year.

Months of the Year and their meaning in Igbo spiritual philosophy


Fijioku: This month represents the Grace of Chii regarding the totality of vegetation, including agricultural vegetation.


Ikenga: This month represents a call, in Nsibiri (Signage) to humanity - "Know thyself and work hard" - which implies unity & hard work. Ikenga in essence is consciencism. Its virtue is honesty. Its shield is Ofo Na Ogu (Truth and Justice) and its ideals are in the absolutes of universal religions. One needs to listen inwardly to yourself, identify who you are in terms of your Ikenga (Talent), then properly interpret & obey the faint voice of Chii in you and you will be led to  the hallmark of your destiny, which is ultimate happiness. The image of Ikenga has one head and two Ram horns. The head (The middle space between the horns is your Chii, the right horn is your talent, and the left horn represent your destiny.


Igwuji: This month represents the beginning of preparation for yam & general crops planting.


Mkpocha: This month represents the clearing of farmlands for cropping & building of barns & silos.


Ekwuruochie: This month represents the feminine  aspect of Chii's milk of goodness to continuously flow to suckle & sustain our lives & our descendants.


Ipeali: This month is named to represent the farming period for tilling of the farm land for cropping of yams & other tubers & vegetables.


Imommiri: This month represents the masculine aspect of Chii"s goodness to continously sustain our lives and our decendants.


Amadioha: This month represents the Grace of Chii regarding divine protection.


Kamalu: This month represents the grace of Chii regarding justice & retribution.


Ezeelu: This month is named to acknowledge the supremacy & kingship of



Anyanwu: This month, with the Sun as the symbol, represents the omniscience,

omnipresence, omnipotence, magnificence and immortality of Chii.


Ofufe:  This month is  named to enjoin all to God worship.


Agwunsi: This month is named to call attention to the wisdom of Chii regarding creation and preparation for the new year ceremony.


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