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About us

African Calendar Book Series is an illustration of African Igbo dating system prior to the introduction of the Gregorian
Calendar to Africa.


Experience the excitement


​Learn about Africa's prowess in Leadership, Science, Art Culture, Religion, Great Empires, and Civilizations.


Great Educational Tool


African Calendar Book Series is a great learning tool for your classroom, or home. Discover Africa's rich history, culture, and contribution to world civilizations since the dawn of discovery.


Every day is Black History Month for all people of African ancestry. Visit our website today, and let’s teach our children that Africa has always been capable of original thinking.


Our Team

Ahanyi, Kama Onu Kama Onyioha 


Ichie, Onu Kama Onyioha



User Guide
Oke Dibia, Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri 

Calendar design/Research
Ochuaja, Udee Kama Onyioha


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