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Dear visitor, Yagazie!

This web site, has been in operation since the month of Kamalu 1 A.T. (April 2014). Your response to the site has been very encouraging.

We solicit and welcome all comments and make a note of all suggestions for improvement of this web site.

We are dedicated to making an information portal site on the Internet that is pure, spiritually uplifting, and educative. We believe that the future of all people of African ancestry, and humanity at large is dependent upon educating the youths according to the true teachings and values of African spiritual culture, and history.

We also believe that we can help the children of Okebulali (Africa), in the homeland and Diaspora to unify the divided house and family using our spiritual and cultural foundation as the vehicle for a meaningful and bonding unity which will ultimately lead to real spiritual, political, and economic emancipation.

The content of this web site will evolve continuously as a direct result of your feedback.

Some of our web site visitors have repeatedly requested for books and information on African culture, spirituality, and related topics. We are going to be providing a book section to fulfill that need and demand. Soon, the book of wisdom, the Holy Nkomii; The Eighteen Purgative Lights, spiritual pendants, crafts, and artifacts relative to our spirituality and traditional rites of hospitality, will be available to the web site visitor. Also, a news section and a search feature will be added to keep you informed about events in the worldwide African community and to remind you of how, when and where our different cultural festivals are celebrated, especially the New year/Yam festival, according to the African Igbo traditional calendar.

We are seeking for the services of re-known scholars who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of African spirituality, history, and culture, and all areas of African prowess and contributions to civilized behavior. We will consult these scholars to provide their opinions and thoughts to some of the issues and problems our visitors may need guidance and an expert opinion on.

If you are such a scholar, and/or want us to publish articles and thoughtful commentaries on issues of interest to the global African community, please contact us at

In need of your prayers and support, we thank you for your response.

Yagazie to all.

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