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Lecture Series

Chiist Higher Learning Coporation is an organization in the State of Georgia that makes presentations from a rendering of the significance of ancient African cultural experiences through the guiding principles within its calendaring system.


For a nominal fee, we offer presentations to high schools, middle and elementary schools throughout the metro Atlanta school districts. 


We provide schools with the unique opportunity to learn about African cultural and historical representations using the African calendar, which is also available for schools to use for classroom learning activities. Additionally, the calendars contain positive virtues that the members of the African community use to strive to conduct themselves in an honorable and dignified manner at all times, in relation to parents, adults, colleagues, children, and the community as a whole.


What we do

As proprietors of African Calendar Book Series, we showcase relevant information on historical figures, significant African economic hubs, African botanical gardens, animals, masks, sports heroes and much more. 


We also present information on the African Horoscope and its significance in organizing positive expectations and naming of children as the future representatives and custodians of the culture of the people. A handbook for teaching the African calendar is also


We offer these presentations in very unique formats that adults and children of all races appreciate and extol. This is in keeping with globalization and its nature of opening the world to everyone.


Please fill out out Contact Form, or call 404-553-5360 or 248-390-2106 for more information.

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